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Oak & Barrel: Sakurao Non-Alcoholic Gin & Tonic Cans (Carton of 24)

Oak & Barrel: Sakurao Non-Alcoholic Gin & Tonic Cans (Carton of 24)

Sakurao Distillery (Original Bottling)
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Sakurao Distillery's most unusual product actually does not contain alcohol. They craft distillery has also made it possible to enjoy gin and tonic, a popular cocktail with a refreshing and dry taste – without alcohol.

The palate opens with slightly sweet notes of citrus and juniper notes before a bitter quinine note from tonic water rushes in. The finish is a fading note of fresh limes and a lingering sweet and dry taste on the tongue.

A complex yet exquisitely harmonious gin and tonic. Juniper berry aroma oil is used to enhance the taste and flavour of the gin and tonic.

Contains 3% fresh limes and 0% alcohol.


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