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The Usual Suspects

@111hotpot - Fun Fact: I’ve helped my grandma pick the winning lottery numbers at least three times in my life.

@charsiucharlie - Fun Fact: I enjoy arthouse cinema and am the proud single father of a Bengal cat and several overweight canines.


@ChopstickPride - Fun Fact: My favorite anime is Attack on Titan and Runescape was best in 2011!

@FriedChickenGod - Fun Fact: I got the five-star rating and I'm rich as hell on Animal Crossing.

@LotusRoot518 - Fun fact: I study bubble tea and hot pot companies for my day job - this Asian foodie’s dream come true!

@Verrine - Fun Fact: I'm aggressively (pro)social, and run a channel that organises adventures for 140+ of the most interesting people I know.


@CrystalTonic - Fun Fact: The first whiskey I had was a Jack Daniel’s and I thought I would never drink whiskies ever again. That all changed when I tried Yamazaki 12.

@RoughLauren - Fun Fact: I love my whiskies medium to heavy weight, and peated whiskies with woody oaky undertones are my favourite. My taste buds are pretty explorative otherwise.

@Weixiang_liu - Coffee Brewologist, and occasional rum addict.
What category of spirits/drinks would you like to see more of?