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What is 88 Bamboo?

We're not your Grandfather's Scotch.

Let's face it, whisky hasn't enjoyed the best reputation. Some say it's boring. Some say it's hard on the palate. Yet somehow, the whisky industry continues to grow, drawing an ever larger crowd of enthusiasts.

We have to admit there's just something about the allure of these beautiful bottles filled with that amber liquid that is simply so... alluring.

Well, we're tired of whisky's old image. We wanna switch things up.

We're here to make whisky fun again. Read that again.

Here at 88 Bamboo, we aim to create a platform for whisky lovers across Asia to come together, drink, socialise and be merry without the constraint of borders.

Our platform will be inclusive af, and we'll try any and all whiskies and tell you what's good. Unlike other blogs, we don't rate with numbers because numbers don't mean anything. How do you tell between a Scotch that scores "88" and a Scotch that scores "89"? Here, we do it with emojis, so have fun deciphering "😆 🕺🏻 🐠 🌴 🐲 🌝 " - now, doesn't that look more inspiring than an "89"?

We're a bunch of enthusiasts making a platform (read: playground) for a bunch of other enthusiasts. What's not to love?




We'll make whiskies easier to appreciate, no funny lingo or obscure terms and references that look like Sanskrit. We provide you the latest in what's happening in an easy-to-understand format that won't make you go "huh?".



We're not whisky snobs, and we don't claim to be experts either. We're born and bred enthusiasts just like you. We understand that a big part of the fun is in socialising over a good bottle. Through our site and the help of the ~power~ of social media, we'll empower you to join friendly communities where you'll meet other enthusiasts, share your whisky adventures, exchange tasting notes, and appreciate whiskies together.



Ultimately, we know we've done a good job when you are able to consume with confidence. We wanna help you find that swagger in the bar, as you discern between your Macallan's and Blanton's, turn down that overpriced Yamazaki for a cheaper and better Nikka Taketsuru. We are here to empower you to know your way around your spirits and drink better. Life's too short to be drinking cr*p.


And with that let’s raise a glass, Kanpai!