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Ang Mo Liang Teh: Deschutes Squeezy Rider, 7.0% (355ml)

Ang Mo Liang Teh: Deschutes Squeezy Rider, 7.0% (355ml)

Deschutes Brewery (Original Bottling)
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Chill out with this juicy refresher that's packed with heaps of hops to bring torrential tides of tropical flavour and a dab of dankness.

Big tropical fruit punch aroma, light dank, and melon paired with clean, light malt character. Hop and yeast-driven fruity sweetness balanced with a bitterness that is laid back, leaving you care-less about its IBU (International Bitterness Unit).

Recommended Serving Temperature: 8 - 10°C

Food Pairing: Fish and chips, Fish Tacos

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