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INTERCO-MLE: Shizuoka Single Malt Japanese Whisky [Bundle Set]

INTERCO-MLE: Shizuoka Single Malt Japanese Whisky [Bundle Set]

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This bundle contains a 200ml 2-bottle set of Prologue "W" & "K", together with a 700ml bottle of Contact S. 


Shizuoka Distillery is the most important Japanese distillery you haven't heard of.

Its first bottle - the Prologue K - is made with a legendary pot still salvaged from Karuizawa: a Japanese ghost distillery of cult status. Its second bottle - the Prologue W - is made from the world's only wood-fired whisky pot still. 

Its third bottle - the Contact S is - made with a blend of whisky from Pot Still "K" and whisky from Pot Still "W".

All show a level of complexity and balance that punch way above their age-class.


Flavour Profile: Fruity and Spicy


Our Tasting Notes:


Prologue K

Nose: Gentle and crisp with refined intensity and soft fruits. Tart Apricots, Light Japanese Umeboshi Plums, Vanilla Creme Brûlée, Oily Minerality.

Palate: Light body with distinct flavours with refined intensity. Sweet Yuzu, Okayama White Peaches, White Pomelos, Sweet Marzipan, Ocean Brine, Mild Gasoline and Minerality.

Finish: Clean, Vanilla Oak, Fading Ginger Spice.



Prologue W

Nose: Bolder and more forthcoming. Rich Honey, Lotus Biscoff, Fresh Apples, Orange Oil, Mint Leaves.

Palate: Medium bodied with robust flavours. Stewed Apples, Dried Apricots, Ginger and Star Anise, Lemon Cake with Icing Sugar, Chinese Roasted Chestnuts. Mild Solvent notes and Minerality reminiscent of warm Japanese Sake. Gentle Smoke.

Finish: Long, Honeyed, Lemon Sponge Cake and Ginger.



Contact S

Nose: Gentle, fresh and crisp and full of fruit-forward notes. Apple juice, tangerines and ripe peaches.

Palate: Rich and medium bodied with distinct flavours of Fuji apple, nectarines, Jasmine green tea with honey, sweet marzipan and a slightly meaty, mineral profile.

Finish: Clean, fragrant with fading vanilla oak and light peppermint. 



Learn more about Shizuoka Distillery here.


Bottle Stats

Distillery: Shizuoka Brand: Shizuoka
Region: Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Status: Active
Distributor: Original Bottling (OB) Classification: Japanese Whisky


Contact S: Single Malt, Ex-Karuizawa Pot Still and Wood-fired Pot Still

Prologue K: Single Malt, Ex-Karuizawa Pot Still

Prologue W: Single Malt, Wood-fired Pot Still


Contact S: First-fill Bourbon Casks, Sherry Quarter Casks

Prologue K: First-fill Bourbon

Prologue W: First-fill Bourbon, Virgin American Oak

 Age: 3 Years Old Abv: 55.5%


Contact S: Scottish Peated and Unpeated Malt, German Beer Malt, Japanese Malt

Prologue K: European and Japanese Malt

Prologue W: Scottish Peated and Unpeated Malt, German Beer Malt, Japanese Malt


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