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Oak & Barrel: Akashi White Oak Blended Whisky, 40% (500ml)

Oak & Barrel: Akashi White Oak Blended Whisky, 40% (500ml)

Eigashima Distillery (Original Bottling)
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Akashi Whisky is distilled at the old Eigashima Shuzo Distillery, established in 1919 and the first ever Japanese distillery to obtain a whisky manufacturing license. 

While Eigashima was the first to gain a distilling license, it did not start large scale production until several years later. Instead, the distillery spent time experimenting with many small batches of liquid to identify elements that had gone right or gone wrong, each batch being better than the last. This is the sort of dedication required to perfect its craft.


Tasting notes

Nose: Fresh orange peels, very light temple incense, candied ginger, honey and pepper.

Palate: Oily texture with pepper, light lemon butter cake, an assortment of citrus fruits and vanilla.

Finish: Moderately long with fading sweet honey notes.


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