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Singapore Distillery: Amberosa Strawberry Tonic Water - Pack of 4 (200ml)

Singapore Distillery: Amberosa Strawberry Tonic Water - Pack of 4 (200ml)

Singapore Distillery (Original Bottling)
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Tonic water was popularised in British India in the 19th century, where British officers were prescribed incredibly bitter-tasting quinine to combat malaria. Cleverly, they mixed their quinine power with sugar, soda water, and gin to create the ultimate cocktail, and the gin & tonic was born!

Rather than using synthesised chemical extracts, Singapore Distillery’s Amberosa Tonic Water gets its characteristic quinine bitterness naturally from the Cinchona Bark in much the same way as tonic was made in the 19th century. This gives the Amberosa tonic the atypical amber colour not seen in other modern tonics. 

Using Cinchona Bark also results in a gentle, mellow tonic water with none of the cloying, sharp bitterness. It's a perfect compliment to the refined notes of the botanicals and herbs in your gin. 

This Amberosa Strawberry Tonic Water has been specially infused with strawberries and packed full of delicate, sweet, berry fruitiness. 

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