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88 Bamboo Hong Kong (88竹香港)

Ardbeg Committee Reserve Young Uigeadail 2006 59.9%



Ardbeg Committee Reserve Young Uigeadail 2006 59.9% 
Impressive dram!
Nosing is really nice peat, with some iodine, grassy, tire, burnt, painting, shoe varnishing, diesel oil, then later come with briny and new leather.

Palate are lots of things! Citrus, oily, bold, toast, then sweet, some peat, barbecue sauce, coastal and then some seaweed toward the end.

Finish is just medium to long, bit pastry and barbecue meats.
Freaking complex! Like sitting along the seaside and having an abundance barbecue wuhoooooo 🔥🍖🍗


Image courtesy of Whiskymiles.


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