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About Us

88 Bamboo is Asia’s freshest drinks companion. We are an online editorial that connects and empowers spirits lovers in Asia, making spirits appreciation accessible and enjoyable for all.


Through breaking news, reviews, distillery deep dives, bar spotlights, opinions and interviews, 88 Bamboo is your guide to the world of spirits. We’re not your grandfather’s Scotch – we cut through the jargon and bring you the stories, people, and flavours that make great drinks great. Based in Asia, we aim to give a voice to the Asian palate.

To us, greats spirits are a conversation in liquid form, and we want to keep the conversation flowing! The 88 Bamboo Forum and our discussion groups offer a space for spirits lovers in Asia to connect and share their questions, reviews, opinions and recommendations, helping to enrich one another’s tasting adventures.

Along the way, we’ve encountered some damn fine spirits from kickass producers in the region. The 88 Bamboo Shop was established to spotlight high-quality products taste tested and enjoyed by our team. What’s good spirits if it isn’t shared? If you’ve read about something and like it, chances are we have them on our shop for you to discover and enjoy. What’s awesome is that we work directly with the people who either produce the stuff, or are responsible for bringing them to your shores, either way, we don’t take a cut from our partners on the shop. We hope you enjoy what you find in the 88Bamboo Shop as much as we do.


And with that let’s raise a glass, Kanpai!