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Fancy joining our writing crew?

Have some groundbreaking thoughts about whiskies? Or maybe you're an avid enthusiast who loves reviewing whiskies; and even if you just enjoy going to the source and understanding distilleries and what they're about. We welcome you to come aboard as a writer.

The commitment is flexible and our platform is all yours!

Now that is not to say we're JUST about whiskies. Nah, variety is the spice of life! Whether you're passionate about the bar scene or if malternatives like rum and gin are more your thing, we'd love to have you write with us too.

There's plenty of space for all at our lil' 88 Bamboo hideaway.

Just drop us an email and we'll be right with you.


It's all about the flash and pizzazz! Media coverage and more.

Our mode of communication is written word and visuals. If that is your groove and you'd like us to cover a new bottle you have ready to rock the scene, or you're a bar or restaurant that deserves much more attention, we'd be more than happy to shine a spotlight on you.

We're talking bottlers (distilleries or independent), distributors, bars, restaurants, collectors, the works. Even if you're an author of a spirits-related book!

Hit us up and we'll give you limelight you deserve. Brightness +50


For the people who want the juice! Wholesalers, we're talking to you!

We work with a range of partners on both sides of the bar, from distilleries, specialist retailers, suppliers and wholesalers, as well as corporate customers, bulk buyers, restaurants and bars, as well as retail customers.

If you're on that list of potential partners, please hit us with an email on what you might be looking for or what your needs are, and we'll work it out with you.

Also if you have something highly personalised in mind, we can cater to that as well under our Off Menu services, which you can find the details of under our Shop tab.


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