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Ben Nevis 1970 Acla da Fans


Acla da Fans
SKI - Acla Selection
Ben Nevis 1970
Single Malt 43yo 44.7%
Bourbon Hogshead
Opened for 3.5 months
9 Aug 2021 2144 Blender
0.65 left

<Colour>🎨: Gold

1. White grape, pineapple, fresh oak, light smoke, malty, cooked honey, white flower🫒🍍🪵🚬🌾🍯🌼
2. Heavy white grape, white peach, white flower, smooth nectar, charred oak, rouge, light lime, hints of malt and grass🫒🍑🌼🪵🌾☘
3. Heavy rouge, white grape, white peach, malty, white flower, light fresh oak, hints of smoke and cinnamon🫒🍑🌾🌼🪵🚬
Heavy malt and cooked honey after 30mins🌾🍯

Rating💯: 91 (A+)

<Palate>👅: Light body, smooth, delicate white flower, white grape, rouge, lime, oaky, mild smoke🌼🫒🪵🚬

Rating💯: 88 (A)

<Finish>: Very long, very delicate, white peach, white flower, lime, smoke, little oaky and grassy, grape peel, touch of smoked white meat🍑🌼🚬🪵☘
White flower, white peach and grape peel stay long
White grape stays last
Dry mouthfeeling

Rating💯: 93 (A+)

近來喜歡上Bourbon Ben Nevis🙈
難得遇到高高高 高年份作品
聞香清新 複雜 有變化 也討好😍
主調有白提 白桃 白花🫒🍑🌼
完全不嗆鼻!像加熱過的蜜糖 另有烤木 微煙🍯🪵🚬
酒體輕滑 綿密 味道簡單卻平衡
餘韻很長 白桃白花的延續🍑🌼
極多層次 明顯感受到桃 花 提子皮輪流互換
青檸 木香 草香等清新氣息相繼走出☘


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