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Cadenhead's, Blair Athol 23 Years Old 1966


Blair Athol 1966
Single Malt 23yo 58.4%
Opened around 2 months
from sharing btl (0.7 left in origin btl)
27 Mar 2021 0243 Blender(圖為舊相)

<Colour>🎨: Light amber

1. Bubble gum, oaky, nutty, green apple, nutmeg, floral, hints of soda and caramel🌰🪵
2. Quite pungent, bubble gum, nutty, earthy, nail polish, fresh lime, green apple, hints of sherry oak💅
3. Quite pungent, green apple, bubble gum, little earthy, nail polish, sherry oak and nutty

𝙍𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙜💯: 86 (A)

<Palate>👅: Medium minor body, smooth, bubble gum, nutty, green apple, light dry sherry, soda touch, white flower and tannin🍏🌸

<Finish>: Medium major, bubble gum, green apple, nutty, white flower, light cinnamon🍬

𝙍𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙜💯: 87 (A)

波杯體驗有別 值得再寫一次
聞香頗辣 大概是和Lehmann最常見的分別
仍是吹波糖 青蘋果 堅果為主體
沒了果醋 鐵質 雲尼拿忌廉
甜香似乎弱了 喝下去卻甜了
味道複雜一點 也吸引一點
吹波糖 白花 乾雪莉 溫柔敦厚
尾韻長一個等級 感受也更豐富

p.s. 也讓威少有了探究CA歷史的興致


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