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88 Bamboo Hong Kong (88竹香港)

Bowmore 12 Year Old OB 70s ~1989 57%



#bowmore 12yo OB 70s ~1989 bottled 57%.
Nosing is soft smoke, light peaty only, sweet spices, bit meaty, latte, creamy and ripen fruits. I always welcome the ripen fruits note☺️☺️☺️ With 💦more espressos ☕️

Palate is red fruits, seaweed, mineral and dry spices With 💦fruitier.

Finish is so powerful, very long, even more fruitier and so warm.



Honestly I expected this would be some soapy but none of it, overall this is a well balanced, rich and complex dram🙏🏼 So 😊 lovely!!



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