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88 Bamboo Hong Kong (88竹香港)

Bowmore Sherriff 43% (circa 60s / 70s)



Bowmore Sherriff 43% (circa 60s / 70s)

Nosing is fabulous!! Sooooo grassy 🌱🌿🍀☘️, just like you are lying on the turf, after cutting grasses, then some herbal, walking around the marsh, medicine, some hay and ferns, hints of diesel oil behind but this is not a bad way👀

Really impressive and iconic nosing!

Palate is still grassy, herbs, so oily coating, puncheon spices, light medicine again, iodine and seaweed at the back.

Finish is just medium, rather short with herbs.

Overall this so iconic dram, consistent🥃🥃I wonder this is a very old Bowmore style?


 Image courtesy of Whiskymiles.


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