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88 Bamboo Hong Kong (88竹香港)

Glen Elgin - Glenlivet 15 Year Old Cadenhead's Black Dumpy Pure Malt 46%



#glenelgin 15yo #cadenhead Black dumpy #puremalt 46%
This is just a gorgeous old bottle🤘🏼Fall in love with the nosing.
In the nosing, lots of berries, plum, hints of milk chocolate, cedar, cardboard or book? With 💦light vanilla, cinnamon, fruitier and fresh at the end. Funny that there is a bit varnishing along.

Palate is rich, strong, sweet spices and again berries juices. With 💦much meaty, more spices and malty.

Finish is very long, warm and hints of passion fruits.
Complex and so many layers🙌🏼


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