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Brewdog Make Earth Great Again - Saison 7.5% 35 IBU



Make Earth Great Again - Saison 7.5% 35 IBU
나는 새로운 창의적인 맥주를 보는 것을 좋아해요. 이 맥주는 빙하 물과 구름베리로 양조되었어요. 그것은 기후 변화에 대한 인식을 높이기 위해 만들었어요. 이 맥주는 펑키 맛이 있어요. 허브, 향신료, 과일 맛이 난어요. 찾을 수 있으면 사세요. 나는 왕십리 이마트에서 내 것을 샀어요.
맛: 과일 맛, 매운, 독한, 허브, 펑키.
This is what I like to see. Breweries taking chances on new ideas. This beer was brewed with glacier water from melted ice caps and cloudberries from the Arctic. This was done to spark awareness on climate change proceeds go toward a charity lobbying for climate change. This is a strong funky fruity beer with tastes of herbs and spices. It’s a small batch beer so numbers are limited but you might still be able to find it and at a reasonable price, too. I got mine at the Wangsimni @emartstore
Taste: Fruity, spicy, strong, herbal, and funky.
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