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Brouwerij Verhaeghe Duchesse de Bourgogne - Flanders Red Ale 6% 11 IBU



Brouwerij Verhaeghe
Duchesse de Bourgogne - Flanders Red Ale 6% 11 IBU
맥주를 만들고 있었고, 우리는 많은 맥주를 함께 마셨지요. 플랑더스 레드 에일의 이 큰 병은 맛있는 시큼한 맥주예요. 맛보셔야 돼요. 향은 과즙이 많고 달콤해요. 이 복잡한 맥주를 즐기실 수 있을 거예요. 과일 맛이 시큼하지만 너무 시큼하지는 않아요. 마지막으로 여러분은 발삼익 식초를 맛볼 수 있어요. 클래식 샐러드가 생각났어요. 전체적으로 훌륭한 맥주예요. 찾으면 사세요.
향미: 시큼한, 과일맛, 달콤한, 타트, 부드러운, 그리고 발삼익 식초.
Brew Soma는 시설이 훌륭해요. 그들은 여러분이 맛있는 음료를 만들 수 있도록 전문적인 장비를 제공해요. 다시 하고 싶어요.
While brewing up a new beer in Soma, I was able to take part in a good round of bottle sharing. This big beautiful bottle of Flanders red ale is a delicious sour beer that has to be tasted to be believed. The aroma immediately has a light fruity scent and sends delight through the air. The first taste has a complexity you don’t find in a basic sour. The fruity taste leads to a light sour and tart feeling sending pleasure to your brain. Eventually you can taste a hint of balsamic vinegar reminiscent of a classic salad. All in all an excellently smooth drink worth trying for everyone.

Taste: sour, fruity, sweet, tart, smooth, and balsamic vinegar.
The facilities @brew.soma are excellent providing a professional brewing environment with all of the equipment you need. Just set a time and pay for what you use. An excellent business that I look forward to using again.
And a special shoutout to @homebrewing_godol and @j10.han for helping us out at this place.



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