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88 Bamboo Korea (88 대나무)

Ka-Brew Gyeongbokgung Royal Pride IPA - 4.5%



Gyeongbokgung Royal Pride IPA - 4.5%
아마 최고의 편의점 맥주일 거예요. 대부분의 편의점 맥주는 라거 또는 밀맥주예요. 깜짝 놀랐어요. 캔을 열때 과일 향이 나요. 이 맥주는 맥아와 쓴 맛을 보았지만 감귤의 맛도 좋았어요.
향미: 맥아, 쓴맛, 향기, 감귤류.
Quite possibly one of the best convenience store beers available. You don’t find many IPAs out there. Usually I see lagers and wheat beers. This was a nice surprise and quite refreshing. Upon opening the can the aroma was quite nice creating a fruity air. It had a malty and bitter taste that is common with IPAs and finished nicely with a citrus flavor favored by modern hops.

Taste: malty, bitter, aromatic, and citrusy.



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