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Playground Brewery Mistress Sour Ale - 5.4% 11 IBU



Playground Brewery
Mistress Sour Ale - 5.4% 11 IBU
플렝그라운드 팝업은 홍대에 있어요. 플그슈퍼예요. 플레이그라운드 맥주를 살 수 있는 좋은 방법이에요. 저는 맥주캔 디자인을 좋아해요. 그 가게는 멋지고 깨끗해요. 곧 떠나가네요. 떠나기 전에 가세요. 이 시큼한 맥주는 과일 맛과 균형이 잘 맞네요. 신선하고 연한이에요. 홍대에서 더운 여름밤을 보내기에 안성맞춤이에요.
향미: 과일, 시큼한, 타트, 신선한, 그리고 연한.
With the recent @playground_brewery Super Pop-Up in Hongdae, it’s been easier to get my hands on these Playground beers. I really love the design of these beers. And it’s a nice clean setup, so it’s a shame that it’s only here for another couple weeks. Get it while you can!

This sour beer isn’t just sour but has a nice fruity taste that is light and refreshing. It would be nice to keep getting this beer throughout the summer in Hongdae.

Taste: fruity, sour, tart, refreshing, and light.



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