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Black Rainbows Imperial Pastry Stout 12% From Amager Bryghus & Angry Chair Brewing

Black Rainbows | Imperial pastry stout 12% ABV 25 IBUs
Strawberries, vanilla, cacao nibs
Amager Bryghus 🇩🇰 with Angry Chair Brewing FL 🇺🇸
Ordered from @drinkcraftbeersg 🇸🇬

Tl;dr: Your degree of enjoyment will depend on how you feel about strawberries.

There’s a complexity to Black Rainbows — due to Amager and Angry Chair cramming so many different flavours into it — that requires either serious contemplation while alone or the company of like-minded geeks bent on unpacking the layers between layers of this beer. Otherwise, your first impression may start and end with the tart strawberries that open this imperial pastry stout.

Amager declares Black Rainbows to be Neapolitan (as in the ice cream), but the tri-coloured ice cream of my childhood was all sweet… and I always went for the chocolate and skipped the other two anyway😜

It takes some looking beyond to get to the roasty, chocolatey notes of Black Rainbows but they’re definitely there. Meanwhile, vanilla keeps pace with you every step of the way. On some level the strawberry helps keep it from getting cloying, but the sweetness also gets the better of the other flavours.

Overall, it’s not so much a pastry or ice cream stout than it is a fruited beer because of how dominant the strawberry is; and at this ABV and price, it won’t be worth everybody’s while to try this.



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