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Boiler Brewing, Marilyn Berry Mead 2022



Rare to get our hands on a mead, much less one from one of our favourite breweries of all time! nose was not what i expected at all, dry wine-like berries with a tinge of the farmhouse stank, we detected zero sweetness from the smell. thought we took an L until we tasted it. oh my goodness. concentrated bursting fresh prunes and berries dominated. the slight farmhouse notes that we attributed to the honey was mild and took a backseat, which complemented the entire mead very well. incredibly rich yet not too sweet, balanced by the acidity and tartness of the berries.

another banger from the bbc 🥵


Brian Heng (Find his other posts here)

1/5 hazy boys
I have an addiction to small canned BA stouts
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