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Brewlander Respect Porter



Brewlander Respect

Sweet, black coffee, dark chocolate, caramel

Black coffee, subtle sweetness, earthy, dark chocolate, caramel, mid bitterness, subtle roasted

You know what? It ain't too shabby for a SEA brewery (Cambodia) to brewed such porter. This is my 3rd try from this brewery & I have to say, I'm quite satisfy with what they've brewed.

Aromas of black coffee, dark chocolate, caramel, subtle sweet & roasty notes are more on the light side - very decent aroma.

Flavor wise it ain't too shabby - black coffee, dark chocolatey, caramel, mid bitterness & very subtle roasted palate.

All-in-all, "decent" would probably be a more suitable word for me to describe this porter or anything that's brewed by them.

What a decent way to chill on a Friday evening!


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