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Chimay Triple Ale Trappist



Chimay Triple Ale

Mild hop, yeasty, subtle hints of cloves/citrusy/herbal aroma

Faint sweetness with mid-strong bitter finish, yeasty, mild hoppy, mild citrusy


Found this gem at a local liquor store in Pontocho, Kyoto, Japan. And to my surprised, an imported Belgium Ale was sold way cheaper than a locally brewed japanese beer. How can I say no? I remember buying the Chimay Blue for RM40 while this Chimay White is sold for only ¥430 (RM16). Can you believe the amount of ridiculous?

Anyhow, this Triple Ale is so damn good. Dry, and have the right amount of bitterness yet it has a faint sweetness to it. Aroma was decent yet lovely.

Gonna end my Kyoto trip tonight and tomorrow, I'll be heading to Osaka. Before that, I'll drop by the Yamazaki Distillery! Yay!


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