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Deeds Brewing Counterbalance Hazy Pale x 28 Days - Song For Jasmine


Still a sweeter story than
Eminem and his daughter Hailie Jade.

Our singles session brought to you today by 28 days A Song For Jasmine and Deeds Brewing Counterbalance Hazy Pale, so new, it comes out on Wednesday next week!

This track will knock you for six. A song for jasmine was written about Simon 'Shred Lord Hep' hepburn missing his daughter Jasmine when he is out on tour. This is a little known fact and the track was sung by Jay. The punk rockers have a big heart! Sweet isn't it. Much like John Farnham's burn for you and Aaron Lewis' Joe Jane, the full song is about being away from family due to band commitments.
Giving us a softer sound than the hard hitting tracks like rip it up and sucker, this song still has a place in the MP3 player or Sony discman of any hard rocker as a lesser known classic. I remember the Melbourne boys rocking this song out live at the Eltham Roller City Fruitbowl Event and it was $5 to get in. Pretty sure they were supported by Shihad, ahh to go back in time if we could.
Just incase your overseas, 28 Days are an Australian punk rock act which formed in 1997, by mainstay members Jay Dunne as lead vocalist, guitarist Simon Hepburn, and bassist Damian Gardiner. Their album this track is off is Upstyledown and in the year 2000 peaked at number one on the ARIA Albums Chart. Shit hot lads!Not to be confused with the 28 days later movie. Also good.

Let's talk about this rad new beer!
Everything can exist in equilibrium. Good & Evil. The Light & Dark Side of The Force Transformers & Decepticons. One thing & another opposite thing...
This Hazy Pale is a counterbalance to Deeds massive TIPAs. Weighing in at 5.8% still cranked up the hops and oats while keeping the bitterness low. Citra and Vic Secret hops bring the tropical fruit and citrus, while Simcoe refines the fruit intensity.
Grab a couple of cans and responsibly enjoy your counterbalanced beers.
These are limited release and you can pre order from the Deeds page..
Mmm so tasty 🤤


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