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Founders DKML Barrel-Aged Malt Liquor



Founders DKML

bourbon, wood

heavy bourbon bitterness with mid-sweetness, corn, bourbon / whisky


Among the barrel-aged beers I've tasted so far, this right here just straight up kicks you right in the face. As per what the label says, "Kicks You Where You Most Expect It". It's pack-filled with bourbon, strong bitterness with mid-sweetness to it, corn & woody - be it in its flavor profile or aroma. However, the sweetness in DMKL is somehow kinda different, it's kinda like sugary water or someone intentionally put more sugar just to cover up the bourbon bitterness?

Anyways, the kick in this beer is for real. If you want something to straight hit you right in the face then this will probably do it's job.


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