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Grace Kölsch, Brewlander




Brewing beer with tea leaves seems to be a growing trend or what has been termed as a new way of dry hopping.

Like adding hops, using tea leaves as part of the brew also requires precision. Tea leaves would bring about some level of bitterness hence the bittering hops may have to be reduced from the original recipe. For tea lovers, it's also common knowledge that steeping the tea too long would 'ruin' the tea and bring about some unwanted astringency from tannins. So the time when tea leaves is introduced into the brew has to be carefully thought of. In addition the type of tea leaves would also help determine this.


I have tried a few tea infused beers and Kölsch seem to be a good candidate for the beer base. In my opinion, this light malt balanced ale can definitely highlight the mild aroma and taste coming from the tea.

Grace was no exception to this. Poured with a hazy straw body, it was light and had a very good balance of mild bitterness with sweetness of lychee and malt. Moderately carbonated, the finish was clean and dry. It was really well executed with zero astringency, like a perfectly steeped lychee black tea.

Country: 🇸🇬
Style: Kölsch
Abv: 4.7%
Brewery: @brewlander


Image and review courtesy of Kokuleng.


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