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Iwatekura Oyster Stout Sekinoichi Shuzo 三陸広田湾産牡蠣のスタウト



Iwatekura Oyster Stout 三陸広田湾産牡蠣のスタウト

Dark chocolate, roasted black coffee

Mildly sweet, dark chocolate, roasted black coffee, light bitterness


While browsing thru the beer aisle at a local supermarket near my house, I came across this very intriguing stout that stated "oyster stout" - kinda caught my attention tho. At first I was very reluctant to get it because (1) it's slightly expensive for a japanese stout (2) I'm not sure if it taste good - never try never know. In the end, curiosity gets the best of me because I'm extremely curious how does an oyster stout taste like.

And today, with high hopes, I popped open this bottle & give it a go. With much disappointment, there is very minimal to none "oyster" character in it, apart from having a decent stout taste (dark chocolate, dark roasted coffee, light bitterness, midly sweet), slightly more carbornated & dry. Other than that, it's just a normal stout with an overpriced price tag. What a huge let down!



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