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Jing-A Brewing Worker's Pale Ale & Mandarin Wheat



Am quite thankful that I was given the chance to try these two core beers from this China based brewery @jingabrewing . It was sent to me back in Oct but was kind of on meds so didn't tried this until now. I think many of us craft beer fans should have received some of their targeted advertisements as they had been quite aggressive at launch and now available on most popular ecommerce platforms.

This brewery started in 2012, and I am absolutely amazed by the wide variety and interesting seasonal brews that they had. I also like the way they focussed on using local ingredients. For example, red ale using red koji rice, ginger and wasabi and cider from hawthorn berry.


Worker's Pale Ale

Poured with a pretty clear orangey golden body, the nose was definitely excited by the excellent outpour of fruity notes for the olfactory.


Bitterness was almost on par with the level you would expect from an IPA but not quite there. This particular beer had clinched quite a number of beer awards but as I'm not generally a fan of pale ale / IPA, this didn't quite stand out for me.

Style: Pale Ale
Abv: 5%


Mandarin Wheat

I've been asked time and again from my friends why I haven't straight out recommend beers in my posts or put out ratings. My answer was that it's always suggestive since most people have different taste affinities and usually lean towards certain styles. But I thought about this and decided that maybe I could try out with a 'KARB Recommends' tag and see how it goes.

This wheat beer is delectable, quite balanced and definitely a good take of the witbier style, on par with Hoegaarden. Poured with a clear golden body, it is enjoyable, light with a very noticeable mandarin orange taste and smell which was not overwhelming at all. In fact I would suggest that you stock up some before CNY and use them in replacement of the actual mandarin oranges when you bai nian in 2022. And this Kokuleng Recommends!

Style: Witbier
Abv: 4.5%

Country: 🇨🇳


Image and review courtesy of Kokuleng.


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