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KAIJU! KRUSH! Tropical Pale Ale



KAIJU! KRUSH! Tropical Pale

Strong sweet aroma of tropical fruit punch (pineapple dominant, tangerine, passionfruit)

Sweet, tropical fruit punch flavor dominate (pineapple, hints of tangerine/passio fruit)


From the graphic itself you definitely know that the dominating note & flavor is the tropical fruits (pineapple dominant). You can definitely pick up lovely notes & flavors of the sweet tropical fruit punch (pineapple, tangerine, hints of passionfruit). And yes this is also a decent pale ale. However, it's kinda too sweet for my palate, but ladies you will definitely love this, trust me you will!


The journey of a polar bear who goes out hunting for drinks 🐻‍❄️🏹🍺🥃🍷🍸🍶🍾