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Mikkeller Chipotle Porter



Mikkeller Chipotle Porter

Roasted black coffee/ malts, creamy dark chocolate, subtle smokiness

Rich thick creamy roasted black coffee, dark chocolate, mid-bitter, faint sour taste, mild heat


Smuggled this bad boy from Mikkeller Bangkok & man I gotta say this porter is damn good.

Initially I thought "chipotle" is just another brand name given to this porter & never in my mind they really meant the "chipotle" chili. And yes there is a kick to it in your throat.
The roasted creamy black coffee aroma is intense with a subtle smokiness. It's rich, thick & creamy with mid-bitterness & very faint sour taste. The highlight of this porter is actually the mild heat coming from the chipotle chili, a very mild kick in the throat, in which probably makes this porter a lil' dry.

All-in-all this is a very enjoyable porter, perfect for a rainy night!


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