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Moutai White Ale, Sunbird Brewing


Moutai White Ale

Lucky would be the word I would put it as I savour this Moutai and white ale yesterday before its expiry which is the end of the year 2021.

Since it's a beer and hard liquor cocktail, I was thinking that it probably tastes a little like somaek (which is a really tasty Korean beer plus soju cocktail) and I was looking forward to this. But I'm a little skeptical as always since I have yet to grow any liking to high Abv beers. I mean it is after all a mix of beer and a really high Abv liquor (probably around 40+%?).

This poured with a pale straw body and relatively high carbonation. The Maotai which is supposedly very strong flavour did not overpower much of the aspect of the white ale but instead it was a nice synergy. There was no perception of the high alcohol and the maltiness on the nose and tongue seems more elevated considering it's a wheat beer.

At slightly higher temperatures, a likeable sweet aftertaste seems to linger and before you know it, the glass of beertail is finished. If this available again, I'll get at least two for sure. And this, Kokuleng Recommends!

Country: πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬
Style: White Ale
Abv: 8%
Brewery: @sunbirdbrewing


Image and review courtesy of Kokuleng.


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