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Pre Game Pale Ale, Deeds Brewing, 4.2% ABV


Pre Game, that is a starter activity before getting to the main event. It almost seems unfortunately poetic then that this might just well be the last time I'll get to try something from Melbourne, Australia's Deeds Brewing - some Aussies might even remember the brewery as Quiet Deeds.

As I got about to picking up a recent drop of Deeds Brewing beers in Singapore, I would later find out that same week that Deeds Brewing had gone into voluntary administration - which is not necessarily the end of the road! - which entails having an external party come evaluate whether or not a business should continue to operate, or if unsustainable, then make the call to fold the business. That means that Deeds Brewing is still alive for the time being while they make that assessment, and the brewery continues to put out beers and run its taproom in Glen Iris.

But how did we get here?



Deeds Brewing was started by two engineering students Patrick Ale and David Milstein, who first met in 2003, and as with many beer friends, this eventually blossomed into a drinks distribution business focused on South American beers and also ciders. By 2012, this would eventually (and inevitably) lead to the decision to go all in and start a brewery of their own - it would be called Quiet Deeds, before changing its name to Deeds Brewing. They focused on brewing hoppy, hazy and sour beers, which eventually grew to include a barrel ageing program and a mixed culture spontaneous fermentation and wild yeast program. The duo would continue to scale up over the years, eventually establishing their brewery in a former car workshop. Eventually, this would grow to include an onsite taproom and kitchen.

That all is to say, the duo has been at the beer business in some way shape or form for more than 20 years!

It was unfortunate then that along the way, progress at the brewery was continuously impeded by regulators, and then in early 2024, breweries in Australia were required to pay off tax debts from the Covid period in quick fashion - this is currently placing a huge strain on breweries all across Australia and has become a huge issue for the Aussie brewing scene, and then with one final blow, Deeds was done in when they had faced an issue of contaminated malt that has to be recalled.



It's terribly unfortunate considering the constant praise the brewery gets and continues to get - having just been named Champion Medium Brewery and Champion Victorian Brewery at the Australian International Beer Awards in 2023.

I hope things work out for the brewery - it's such a shame whenever great deeds are shut down by unnecessary obstacles.

Regardless, a big cheers to the duo for their spectacular work - would love to try more from Deeds!

Pre Game Pale Ale, Deeds Brewing, 4.2% ABV - Review


Tasting Notes

Colour: Neon Mango

Aroma: Big juicy mangoes and apricots, with a gentle rustic wheat wafting about, as well as some light grassiness.

Taste: Medium bodied with a light bitterness. More juicy mangoes, flavoured isotonic water, antioxidant tablets - well rounded and cohesive, with a sort of denseness to the flavours layered over a contrasting lighter body (although it's by no means water).

Finish: Alittle more dry here, the dankness comes up more here with more cut grass.


My Thoughts

This was true to its name - really sessionable, easy to crush, what other buzzwords are there for super satisfying and refreshing? It's got a nice juicy aroma, rounded body, a nice contrast on the palate between the richer flavours and lighter but also fizzier body. Interestingly it gets more dank with subsequent sips, with more of the dryness and cut grass coming through.

I hope this is just the pre game for Deeds Brewing!