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Remember Me If I Forget Double NEIPA 8% From Verdant Brew & Other Half Brewing


Remember Me If I Forget | Double NEIPA 8% ABV
Motueka, Strata and Riwaka hops
@verdantbrew Cornwall 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 with @otherhalfnyc NY 🇺🇸
Ordered from @templecellars 🇸🇬

Have I used this song for a reel before? I don’t remember… (see what I did there?)

Other Half is so very hyped here in +65, I just knew I had to try something that they’d lent their name to.

This is exceptionally turbid. I mean, just look at it: it doesn’t even look like beer. Having had Verdant’s super juicy hazies in the past, I thought I was getting something along the same lines but boy, was I wrong.

Remember Me If I Forget is a gloriously resinous and bitter beer. It’s sweet and juicy on some level, but the hop punch is front and centre and stays with you from sip to finish. It’s reassuring to know that old school hop heads have a place at the contemporary IPA table. Easily one of the best hazies I’ve ever had.



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