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Singapore Beer Project “Double Luck” Double IPA, 7.5% ABV



What is the essence of a Singaporean craft beer? Is it one that is simply made in Singapore? Does it have to embody flavour elements from Singaporean street foods? Or does it have to be specially accepted by the Singaporean palate?

Could Singaporean craft beer be a distinct regional style (in the same way American lager or Czech Pilsners are distinct styles)? I could imagine how difficult it would be to define this young category that had only begun to take off in the mid-2010s. But the passionate Casey Choo set out to do just that with That Singapore Beer Project.

Conceived in 2018 by Casey as a grassroots project with other Singaporean home brewers, the project seeks to understand local flavour preferences and consumption habits. The team of home brewers systematically conduct interviews and focus group discussions before identifying the right experimental recipe to scale up production to a commercially viable level.

Did you do a double take at this logo? I certainly thought I was seeing a danger sign.


Casey Choo is an experienced veteran of the Singaporean nightlife industry. He had been General Manager at the beloved Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall – a beloved and globally-ranked speakeasy bar that sadly closed down due to stringent pandemic regulations.   



Casey went on to manage Good Luck Beerhouse while co-founding Off Day Beer Company along with a star-studded team of experienced folks who run successful bars and beverage distributorships in Singapore.  



Several years on, it seems that Casey's team now has a pretty good idea of a "Singaporean craft beer" in their mind. One of their most memorable creations that come to mind is the "Kiam Sng Di" guava and salted plum Gose style beer that was an immediate hit. The main flavour notes - guava and sour plum - are a nostalgic nod to a ubiquitous snack that featured in the childhoods of many Singaporeans. This beer was offered on the menu of the acclaimed Native Bar in Singapore. 

But let's not be side-tracked. I recently got a sip of another tasty brew from Singapore Beer Project called the "Double Luck" Double IPA. This is described as a tropical hard-hitter with lots of hoppiness. It is also said that this would leave your palate feeling bruised... which made me think of other occasions when people do bruise their soft palates without the help of a beer. But I shall speak no further and not let the intrusive thoughts win.


Singapore Beer Project “Double Luck” Double IPA, 7.5% ABV – Review


Appearance: Amber with a dense head of foam.

Nose: Powerful and resinous. The aroma is brimming with vibrant pine and bold grapefruit nuances, accompanied by an underlying rich maltiness. The scent profile is fresh, inviting and intense all at once.

In the mouth: Assertive and potent, delivering a robust burst of sweet grapefruit and the fresh, hoppy bitterness reminiscent of grapefruit pith. Developing flavours include a warm, bready undertone, evoking the sensation of toasted ciabatta that gently lingers in the background. 

Finish: Long and satisfying, with the interplay of lingering hoppy bitterness and malty sweetness on the back palate. Once again, toasted ciabatta and sourdough bread fading into the distance.



My Thoughts


Captivating and powerful.

The "Double Luck" DIPA is a captivating and powerful brew, an invigorating sensory experience! It simultaneously tries to lull you to sleep with its potent booziness, and slaps you awake with its punchy hops! Just kidding about the second part! 

This has a great intensity of bold hoppy bitterness, sweet citrus, and warm, bready notes that create a complex and gratifying taste journey. This is perfect for those seeking a robust and memorable beer experience, a go-to beer for a serious craft beer lover.


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