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Snickerdoodle Milk Stout, Sunbird Brewing



Snickerdoodle Milk Stout

The previous time when I had a Christmas seasonal from Sunbird Brewing which was milk stout, it left a lasting impression as it was an excellent brew. This time around, it's another milk stout and it did not disappoint.

Poured with a jet black body, the cinnamon didn't really come up in the aromatics until after the stout is slightly warmed up.


It was a little creamy on the mouth, with a relatively low moderate carbonation. Taste wise was sweet, chocolatey, hints of vanilla and a little spicy aftertaste and a dry finish.

This milk stout is really quite a sweet treat for Christmas or a cold weather as it's like a mash of cookies, chocolate and milk all in one beverage.

Country: 🇸🇬
Style: Milk Stout
Abv: 6.2%
Brewery: @sunbirdbrewing


Image and review courtesy of Kokuleng.


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