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Tiger Radler Pomelo, 2% ABV


It looks like Singapore's biggie brewery Tiger has a new flavour joining its Radler family - a new Pomelo Radler.

Now if you've been following this site, you'll know we're big fans of Tiger's Radler (we reviewed the classic trio Grapefruit, Lemon and White Grape here) - they've just got it down tight! And so while it wasn't long after Tiger had stealthily released a limited edition Mandarin & Honey Radler (we tried that too - review here) that seemed earmarked for Chinese New Year, yet another expression was quietly dropped into local supermarkets - the Pomelo. It seems like Tiger is really leaning into more Asian-inspired expressions.

As big fans of Pomelo (the fruit), of course we had to try it!

Let's have a go! Onward!

Tiger Radler Pomelo, 2% ABV - Review 


Tasting Notes

Colour: Cloudy Apple Juice

Aroma: Really aromatic, fruity and almost candied, with loads of candied wintermelon, snow pears, alittle bit of zesty notes of grapefruit and pomelo, even a little bit of freshly squeezed orange juice. It’s got a really rounded, sweet but also alittle bit earthy or herbal - like cold asian desserts of cheng tng or honey sea coconut with ice jelly. Over time, alittle bit more lemon-y notes appear with some pith too. 

Taste: Really lovely rounded body - it’s a got a very satisfying somewhat denser weight to it, carried through with rich notes of candied wintermelon, some sugarcane juice with lemon wedges, again it’s got a slightly earthy and herbal quality to it that reminds me of traditional asian desserts. It’s not overly sweet, but more of a herbal sweetness to it, with some gentle wafts of lemon.

Finish: Really satisfying clean and refreshing finish with just a light bit of carbonation. Lingering aromatic notes of sugarcane juice with lemon wedges and still that candied wintermelon in brown sugar soup. Long after there’s alittle bit of that pomelo greenness that creeps up ever so slightly.


My Thoughts

Really splendid stuff - I don’t know about Pomelo - but this was incredibly tasty and I thought it had a really nostalgic vibe to it. It kept reminding me of traditional asian desserts I grew up eating, but that aside I really loved the combination of candied fruits and herbal, earthy sweetness, with just a twist of citrusy zest. 

It wasn’t overly sweet, and had a very nice rounded body and an incredibly satisfying thirst quenching finish with a perfect amount of carbonation. 

It somehow had a very full flavour on the body that was complemented by the heavier body as well, that made it so rounded, cohesive and flavourful.

Perfectly done. I could drink this everyday of my life.


My Rating: 10/10


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