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Wolf of the Willows Persistence x Deftones - Self Titled

Our music and beer mix up today is brought to you by Perseverance and The Deftones.

Persistence - To continue in spite of opposition, frustration or fatigue.

Just like the challenge of a maze, we all take different paths, we all hit dead ends, but with persistence we all grow and come out the other side, much like Rye does. Just like William in wondering around Westwood, you will want to find the maze centre.

Symbolic of our time, 'Rye' grain continues to grow even in harshest of conditions, and hence to some, including Wolf of the Willows, has been a symbol of ‘Persistence’. Rye was the hero of this beer, so it felt only natural to reach out to their mates at The Gospel who specialise in making exceptional rye whiskey, a unique offering in the Australian market.

This Rye Imperial Stout was aged for 6 months in hand selected Rye Whiskey Solera barrels from The Gospel Distillery, with the result being an Imperial Stout rich in Rye Whiskey barrel aged flavours of molasses, liquorice, dark chocolate, spices and roast. The empty barrels were returned to The Gospel and filled with a specialty Rye Whiskey to create 'Persistence Rye - Imperial Stout Cask Finish', to be released in 2021. She's new!

For the tunes, we talk about a band that had a live set with audience inside a volcano. Yes, I know what you are thinking, sounds like a Dethklok stunt. Am I right?
Who better to review the album but Chino, himself.
For the 2003 self-titled, Chino writes "I was a little out of my mind, with drugs or whatever, and just sort of in a dark place. That record is really heavy in that way. It’s probably one of our only records that when I listen to it, I get a weird feeling. Some of the stuff’s not comfortable for me to listen to."
And that's what gives it that raw, unrefined emotional heavyness that we crave. What a bloody, heartfelt and messy masterpiece.

Deftones – Self Titled @deftones
• Highlight: Minerva
• Gem: Needles and Pins
• Beer: @wolfofthewillows Persistence


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