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Bar Stories: Future Nostalgia At Analogue Initiative

It’s a wet Saturday night in CHIJMES and as one can expect there is a wedding at the chapel. Perhaps its forever or perhaps its two 7s heading for divorce in 2027 (I don’t know I didn’t get to see the couple). Hopefully their marriage will be as pleasant as this place. 


Analogue Initiative is the sequel to popular watering hole, Native Bar; this time with a new goal - to be sustainability driven and completely plant-based. (Image Source: Analogue Initiative)

CHIJMES is serene despite it being home to several drinking spots. It even has an outdoor Oktoberfest beerhouse shindig going on. Perhaps it's the Covid slump (lack of patrons) or maybe I’m mellow from the drinks but this feels almost… Peaceful?

Outdoor seating at Analogue isn’t too bad after the rain. The whiff of the freshly nourished lawn and the cool on your skin make up for it. Sure, I am admittedly envious of the people who are able to rest their elbows on the gargantuan aquamarine 3D-printed bar counter. I’d be bold enough to say that the bar counter is the star attraction of this place, second to the nuggets (more on this later). My just desserts I suppose. Covid has eradicated spontaneity in this country. Want to do a last minute bar visit? Prepare to be disappointed. “We’re full. Outdoors only” your blasé busser will say. At least they offer outdoor seating to those lacking in forward planning (us!). 


Set against what is perhaps Singapore's most scenic and non-Singaporean location, CHIJMES, a historic Catholic convent turned F&B locale and popular wedding destination. (Image Source: TripAdvisor) 

Analogue’s food menu is plant-based. This means that the Nuggets would be guilt free, obviously. Naturally, we eventually made 2 orders (I think that’s 24 pieces). None of that nasty chicken bits and all of the juicy goodness just like the ones we order at 2 in the morning from our trusty fast food chain – y’know the ones with the yellow golden domes?. On your first bite the crispy exterior caves into the soft bits and your teeth sinks right into the pillowy piece. Each chomp and crackling crunch your jaw makes leaves you wanting more. The curry sauce is divine – the perfect balance of sweet and savory. It’s worth all the gaseous activity I experience later.


Would you believe me if I told you vegan nuggets are better than chicken nuggets? Try it, be ready for an "I told you so". (Image Source: indulgentism on IG)


“I can’t drink tonight, I had a rough late night last night…” Those are the words you do not want to hear when visiting a bar with a friend. Following some loud sighs, genuine curiosity culminated in 2 orders from me.


The Soursop - Empirical "Plum I Suppose", Soursop, Lemongrass, Vegan Honey.

I asked for a recommendation of a refreshing light drink and this did not disappoint. You will immediately notice the honeycomb that sits on top of the ice cube, which will make this drink an instant hit on Instagram. True to its sustainable ethos, the honey is replaced with a vegan alternative. The vibrant taste is so easy to down, before you know it you’ll raise your hand for a second order.


The Spaceman - Gin, Cocchi, Campari, Peanut Butter, Kyoho Grapes.

Suddenly I’m feeling adventurous. Ready for another type of experience. Here is the Spaceman. Inspired by the Negroni, this variation includes Peanut Butter and Kyoho Grape. It's the opposite of my first drink - robust, full bodied and nutty. The grape isn’t immediately apparent and you’ll be struck by the nutty condiment. It may be an acquired taste to some, but I enjoyed it. I wonder why they name it the spaceman, but if the intent were for you to travel out of your usual comfort zone I would say it’s pretty apt.

Subverting the usual nuggets and alcohol on a Saturday night, the experience left quite the indelible impression. That I too could be compelled to dedicate some part of my life to sustainability, that it isn’t that unattainable or difficult after it has been palatably sold to me here at Analogue.

Maybe if we had sat at the cerulean bar top with trippy waves and weaves all round and I had been told personally that 1,600kg of used plastic was used to make it, instant conversion could have occurred. Guess we’ll never know (for now).




Analogue Initiative (Singapore)


30 Victoria Street
#01-31 CHIJMES, Singapore

Tuesday – Sunday, 5.00PM – 10.30PM

For bookings, please call +65-8518-1882 or email info@analogueinitiative.com

IG: @analogueinitiative | FB: Analogue Initiative

Finding alternatives to change the current food system of unsustainable consumption, and exploring futurefoods.

Welcome to Analogue. We operate from a place of curiosity and a drive to transform the drinking and dining experience that embraces alternative methods, ingredients and technologies to spearhead modern-day bar culture.

From our 3D printed bar top to tables made from recycled plastic to a 100% plant-based, nutritionally-minded menu, Analogue is the future.