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Cosmo Pony Opens Its Doors in Jakarta: What To Expect At This Convivial Bar with Cosmopolitan Soul

One of the most highly anticipated bar openings of the season is set to happen in Jakarta, Indonesia on 10th July 2024. Cosmo Pony is a new craft cocktail bar in Jakarta born from a collaboration between Singapore-based Jigger & Pony Group (behind concepts such as Jigger & Pony, Sugarhall and Gibson) and Indonesia-based The Union Group (Cocktail Club Jakarta, Bar Luca). 

Bringing together the joint expertise and credentials of two Southeast Asian hospitality heavyweights, the proudly Indonesian bar strives to become the living room of the city, for Jakartans and cocktail lovers to forge friendships and share happiness over world-class tipples.

Cosmo Pony’s Bar Manager Marsya Soemantri and General Manager Silvio Daniele

At the helm is General Manager Silvio Daniele, who previously spent seven years in Singapore with Jigger & Pony Group before moving to Jakarta to lead the charge, and Bar Manager Marsya Soemantri, formerly of The Union Group’s award-winning bars.

“The City Rises” (1910), Umberto Boccioni

The bar’s opening menu, titled "RISING CITY" is inspired by Italian artist Umberto Boccioni’s evocative piece, “The City Rises” (1910), and its similarities with Jakarta. Painted in the Futurism style, an art movement that emphasises dynamism and power as well as the vitality of the modern lifestyle, the painting depicts the building of a new city. Chaotic at first glance, a step back in focus shows powerful horses, workers putting in their best team effort, and city walls starting to look strong and tall. Busy, crowded, and growing, Jakarta made a similar emotional impact on Silvio as a new arrival. However, upon stepping back and absorbing the details, he fell in love with the city – from the old residential buildings that house wholesome restaurants to the ugliest fruit in the market that turns out to be the most delicious of all.

Tequila Cosmo

The new cocktail menu is divided into several sections, one of which is the category "Today, Tomorrow, Tequila", featuring cocktails that spotlights the agave spirit. Highlights include the cocktail that named the bar, the Tequila Cosmo. The cocktail is crafted as an oat milk punch with Don Julio Blanco Tequila. Using roselle, a local ingredient with tangy characteristics similar to cranberry, the finishing touch is a lick of smoked orange paint - a tribute to bartender Dale Degroff, who popularised the definitive recipe of the classic with his flamed orange zest garnish at New York City’s Rainbow Room in the 1990s.

Ugly Banana

Another menu section of note is "The Largest Producer", which references Indonesia's role as being one of the largest producers of some beloved agricultural ingredients, including coconuts, black pepper, mangoes and banans. These ingredients are playfully woven and reimagined in the cocktails of these sections. This includes "Ugly Banana", which uses overripe fruit, when they turn black and are typically discarded. Banana flesh is infused with Suntory Kakubin Whisky while the peels are baked and turned into a jelly garnish with caramel tones, mimicking the dark spots on an overripe banana peel. Aromatic jasmine tea adds another dimension to the fruity harmony.

Coconut Highball

 The Potpourri section brings attention to the cultural melting pot that Jakarta is, through cocktails with instantly recognisable flavours of the city’s communities. Mithai, traditional Indian sweets that are a symbol of celebration, gets a new lease of life as a nutty riff of the Brandy Alexander with toasted coconut and pistachio. Oaky Martell Noblige Cognac cuts through rich coconut cream, while shochu adds fruity lychee-like notes for a perfect dessert cocktail.


Cosmo Pony’s delivery of convivial hospitality and contemporary cocktails unfolds amidst a sophisticated yet inviting space, designed by Agatha Carolina of the highly lauded, Jakarta-based Bitte Design Studio. Seating 150 people, the bar features two distinct areas that welcome guests with timeless charm and modern comforts.


Nuclear Midori Sour

Past the front doors, the striking Main Bar catches attention with an exquisitely crafted wooden bar counter and the striking brass backsplash of the back bar, alongside its marble framed shelves housing quality spirits. Meanwhile, adjacent to the Main Bar, the relaxed and intimate Lounge Bar allows for private gatherings and quieter conversations. Overlooking one of Jakarta’s most prominent landmarks Bunderan HI - the iconic roundabout also known as the Selamat Datang Monument - the space features more vintage detailing.

All cocktails at Cosmo Pony are priced at IDR200,000++. Reservations can be made at https://www.cosmopony.com/. 


Cosmo Pony

Grand Hyatt Jakarta, 4th Floor,

Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30, Jakarta,

Daerah Khusus Ibukota

Jakarta 10350, Indonesia