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Dine Stories: Dinner Rush at The Pasta Bar

It’s hard to miss the rows of home made pasta noodles dangling elegantly from the ceiling - a truly glorious chandelier of semolina, 00 flour and egg.

My friend and I are seated at the bar counter in Pasta Bar, an Italian eatery located in Keong Saik Road, known for artisanal pasta handmade daily. It’s past 8pm, and the place is in full swing with smell of fresh tomatoes and butter in the air.



From where we’re seated, we’re afforded a view of the pasta chefs hard at work in the open-concept kitchen. I peer over the bar counter and catch a glimpse of a tray of pre-rolled pasta, no doubt carefully and mindfully prepped ahead of the ongoing dinner rush.



At that moment, our first plate of pasta is whisked in. It’s the beef tagliatelle, cooked with 24-hour braised beef ragu and parmigiano.

What a way to kick off the meal! The meat was melt-in-your-mouth tender, and when mixed with nutty, aromatic parmigiano reggiani, created a sauce that was rich and full-bodied with earthy fragrant tomato flavor. Just delicious. 



I’m not done dry heaving over the first plate of pasta when the second one arrives.

This is the Creste di Gallo, a smoked duck ragu “bianco” with asparagus, duck fat pangrattato, and sage. I found this pasta surprisingly light-tasting and refreshing, while still being very flavourful. The duck meat was robust and gamey, but balanced well with the sage and the pangrattato, which added a nice textural crunch.



Last to arrive but not least, the Crab Pappardelle, cooked with saffron cream and chives. It’s silky in texture and umami in flavour, with an elegant brininess from the tender crab meat. Reminds one of eating by an ocean, my friend muses. Cooked al dente, this was sublime.

Dining in the Pasta Bar feels like an odd combination of sitting in the cozy, familiar kitchen of your Italian Nonna (disclaimer: I have never actually had an Italian grandma) and schmoozing at a hip New York party (disclaimer: I've never actually been to New York).

Its all at once both quaint and cosmopolitan, yet this contradiction somehow doesn’t feel jarring.



We’re stuffed from the pasta but can’t bear to leave without dessert. We order a raspberry millefoglie, a delicate and fruity combination of flakey puff pastry, raspberry semi freddo and Savoiardi.

On the way out, I turn around to snag one last picture of the bar counter. Its dimly lit and I can't seem to get a clear shot. A waiter catches me struggling and enthusiastically walks over, proffering suggestions about the right camera settings ("if you raise this setting, it brings out the ambience proper!"). 

"I just want this place to be seen in the best light", he adds with a sheepish smile. He needn't worry, the pasta speaks for itself.


With More Carbs In My Future, 



Pasta Bar Singapore


55 Keong Saik Road, #01-05

Singapore 089158

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An artisanal Italian & fresh pasta restaurant. 14 different dough recipes. Handmade daily.

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