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Get Lost in Nostalgia at Ghostwriter's March Residency: Lost in the Nost

Calling all foodies, it's time to get lost in nostalgia with Ghostwriter's latest residency! Brace yourselves for a cutting-edge experience with LOSTINTHENOST, a pop-up concept from NOST, taking over the incubation space for the month of March.


NOST was created by two childhood friends, Erik David Tan and Jinfero Tanzil, who are both classically trained at Le Cordon Bleu. Erik runs the kitchen while Jin looks after the bar and operations, drawing inspiration from their love of movies, cartoons, music, and video games to create an unforgettable dining experience.

LOSTINTHENOST offers an a la carte menu on Wednesdays through Saturdays across three seatings, with sharing-friendly bites that evolve each week. Expect to indulge in One-Sided Beef ($9 per piece), a topside tartare served with local bread, Lunchbox ($26), a smorgasbord of pimento cheese sandwiches, Fromage de tête, pickles, olives, grapes, Ritz crackers, infused honey, mushroom brie, and carrot, and Mock Fish Skin & Butterbean ($16), a dip with butter beans, tahini, pickled garlic, pumpkin seeds, and ve-duja paste.



And if you're feeling adventurous, go for the Bishokuya ($19), grilled river prawn with crispy vermicelli and caviar or the Plat De Poubelle ($23), blackened honey pork jowl served with pommes aligot, crispy potato, garlic croutons, red wine, onion gravy, spinach, carrots, and peas. For a sweet ending, indulge in chocolate Cremeux and torched Swiss cream ($6) with Graham crackers, Indonana chips, and candied orange.


The sips menu is just as exciting, with creative cocktails like Tropic Thunder ($24), a milk punch with Bourbon, rum, mango, dry curacao, cranberry, and lime, Bobby Lee ($22) with kumquat soju, gin, strawberry, and lime, and Werthers Unoriginal ($24) with brown butter-washed rum, creme de cacao, and demerara. Wine is also available by the glass from Wine Aisle, including Woods Crampton Black Label Shiraz ($21) and Tai Tira Sauvignon Blanc ($18).


LOSTINTHENOST follows in the footsteps of previous Ghostwriter concepts, including Quality Melts and Guerilla, offering F&B operators a chance to test their concepts with the public before launching or expanding their business. With space for 10-15 guests, Ghostwriter promises an intimate and immersive dining experience.

The concept will be open from 8 March until 25 March, after which NOST will be opening a brick-and-mortar space in Chinatown. Make sure to book your reservations in advance as space is limited, and prepare to get lost in nostalgia with LOSTINTHENOST!

Reservations are highly recommended and may be made here; space will be made for walk-ins on a first-come, first-served basis.

About Ghostwriter

The new concept from the team behind Sago House, Low Tide, and the newly opened Underdog Inn, Ghostwriter is in essence an incubation space. After successfully launching ‘Dirty Supper’ by Executive Chef Pete Smit in the second half of 2022, the space began hosting new concepts monthly from January 2023. The concept gives entrepreneurial F&B operators a chance to dip their toe into ownership, working closely with Founder Jay Gray to expand out of their current setup or take the plunge and introduce their ideas to the world. For more information, visit the website and follow on Instagram @ghostwritersg for the latest updates. 


All images courtesy of Jessica Fitzgerald.

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