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SIMIK DRINKS: Jigger and Pony

tldr; MY FAVOURITE BAR IN SG!! it’s classy but not too atas until i feel out of place (lol) and intimate!! conversations can take place at a comfortable level as well!! will be back for more drinks definitely 😬



clover club:
- hendrick’s gin, raspberry, raspberry seed, lemon, egg white
- raspberry flavour was really strong
- coupled with the tea taste from raspberry leaf
- i think i might have a thing for sour drinks
- best drink of the night ✨



white toreador:
- codigo blanco tequila, merlet apricot, yoghurt, lime, egg white
- can taste the apricot flavour
- it’s creamy & i couldn’t rly taste the tequila which is rly impressive
- egg white smell was there tho
- 2nd best!!



soy milk punch:
- roku gin, soy milk punch, lychee, oolong tea, red wine float
- at first all u can taste is the red wine
- then u taste the gin but it doesn’t kick u at the back of your throat so it was amazeballs
- but i couldn’t taste the soy milk, lychee and oolong HAHA



- monkey shoulder scotch whisky & akai umeshu Empirical Spirits The Plum, I Suppose
- started out with a little bit of bitterness
- but as you go on you start to taste a hint of plum
- got sweeter towards the end, we think it’s because of the berry?
- overall a very smooth drink


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