Just In 👉 Winnie The Pooh Art Series Comes To Chichibu




tldr; sgcf collab between live twice and vesper bar! prefer the vibes at live twice because it’s more chill and open concept, will be back to try their drinks!



parm sour:
- brown butter dewar’s 12 yo scotch, pineapple, eccless syrup, lemon juice, egg white, grated parmesan
- a rare one!! savoury cocktail!
- was intimidated by the amount of parmesan but wow it goes so well with the brown butter flavour
- 9/10



- dewar’s 12 yo scotch, tequila, cocoa butter, campari, raspberry liqueur, sweet vermouth, roselle hot brew
- quite strong! but the white choc coated raspberry is such a good match with the drink
- getting your money worth with all that alcohol in it 🤩
- smells rly good tho!!! even with all the strong alcohol
- 7.5/10


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