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note: menu changes every week!! HOW COOL!!! anyway, drinks are quite affordable, paid $66 for 3 drinks including service tax ✌🏻



vinegar jo:
- nikka gin was used but it doesn’t have the distinct taste of gin
- apple cider vinegar was definitely present LOL
- not a very complex drink, imo it can even pass off as a mocktail
- 7/10



breakfast of champions:
- herencia mezcal was used but it doesn’t have the sharp & alcoholic taste of tequila
- superb balance between the ginger, pineapple, kaya, lime, aer and ginger ale
- ginger haters but it was ok for us!
- 8.5/10



night took a turn:
- one of the few cocktails that actually make the base alcohol (maker’s mark) shine!
- turmeric ginger, cinnamon, orgreat, vanilla, lemon, aer
- best drink of the night!!! 9/10 ⭐️


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