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SIMIK DRINKS: Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar

tldr; this was xiao pricey 🥹 but then bobian we still have to check it out cause sg has very little craft beer bars! in fact, they weren’t serving it by the pints, their menu has 2 prices, one for 220ml and another for 420ml



cranberry double current vanilla ($14):
- vault city x arpus brewing co
- imperial fruited sour
- smell: faint, cranberry & vanilla
- taste: BERRIES! especially blackcurrent
- finish: sour and tart, a little too salty thoo

bee line salted caramel honeycomb ($16):
- one drop brewing co
- imperial pastry stout
- smell: thick, sweet, pecan & honeycomb notes
- taste: it almost feels like an alcoholic chocolatey dessert!!!
- finish: pleasantly heavy & strong (this has 10.5% ABV!!)


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