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SIMIK DRINKS: Jekyll & Hyde

tldr; J&H is closing on 31 Dec 2023!!!!! we were lucky on our day of visit, both of the drinks we chose were exceptional 😩 will be back at least one more time before they close for good



Mr Bean ($24):
- tito’s vodka, de kuyper’s butterscotch, frangelico, laoban soya bean curd
- alcohol taste not very prominent but perfect to end off the night after a heavy meal 😂
- smell and taste of butterscotch & frangelico were very moodlifting!
- it’s a very liquidy taohuey HAHA
- 8.5/10

Smoke n Spice ($24):
- smokey monkey shoulder milk punch, mulled wine foam
- twist on the whisky sour, love the smokiness!
- a little sweet, a hint of cinnamon with wine
- min like this more than mik does because she’s a whisky sour fan who loves complex mix
- 8.5/10


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