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SIMIK DRINKS: Junior The Pocket Bar

tldr; almost couldn’t find this place because it was hidden behind a cafe! can i just say the interior is really cool! xiao trippy like one of the hhn houses but VERY AESTHETIC!! overall vibe is similar to good friends club



eldest child syndrome:
- hendrick’s absinthe, strawberry, aperitif wine, grand bitter
- i think i rly enjoy hendrick’s absinthe! my third time having a cocktail with this liquor and i’ve never had a bad one
- 8/10

yes i’m smarter:
- glenfiditch 12, gin, passionfruit, cane, olive, caramel, green tea, grand bitter
- glenfiditch taste is very strong
- HAHA reminds me a little of the drinking sessions we had in hall because of the whiskey x green tea combo
- 7.5/10


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