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SIMIK DRINKS: One Ninety @ Four Seasons Singapore

tldr; very nice cocktails!!! abit pricey, but it’s a hotel bar after all



kampong kueh ($26):
- el dorado 12 yrs, bitter truth golden falernum coconut, pandan, jackfruit, cream, egg white
- not even a kueh fan but if this was a kueh, i’d gladly inhale it!!!
- a good rum flip that still lets the flavour of rum shines through with all the coconut and pandan flavours
- 9.5/10 ⭐️

screwpine ($25):
- michter’s straight bourbon whiskey, pandan, coconut, lychee, milk peychaud’s bitters
- rly like the little bit of sourness at the start, and how it transitions into something sweet (feels a little like sour plum) and ends off with the fragrance of the bourbon
- VERY SMOOTH, but feels like we have had sth similar before
- 8.5/10


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