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Singapore Cocktail Festival 2023 Is Back: What Your Ticket Gets You

It's official, the Singapore Cocktail Festival is back for 2023 and is happening in May. Early-bird passes are already available, and if you're wondering if you should snap it up, here's a no-fuss guide to what your ticket will get you. 

What's the Singapore Cocktail Festival?

Analogue Bar (#37 on Asias Best Bar 2022) is one of the 45 participating bars scheduled to headline at the Singapore Cocktail Festival 2023. (Image source: Analogue)

The Singapore Cocktail Festival is an annual event that gathers drink and cocktail lovers across Singapore and in Asia, giving attendees a chance to try tasty cocktails from some of the best bartenders and bars in the region.

The festival is divided into two parts:

From 5 - 7 May: SGCF Festival Village This is a a 3-day live event at the Marina Bay where attendees can tour different booths set up by bars and spirit brands to try out different cocktails. There will be close to 100 different cocktails to sip on, all priced at $15 only. Many of Singapore's best bars will be making their appearance, including Jigger & Pony, Analogue, Republic Bar and No Sleep Club. In addition, the festival will feature some Headliner Bars from overseas, including Indulge Experimental Bistro (Taipei), Maybe Sammy (Sydney), Penicillin (Hong Kong), ReCraft (Manila), Sidecar (New Delhi) and The Bar at The House on Sathorn (Bangkok). Spirits brands that will also be setting up booths for tasting include Codigo Tequila, Black Tears spiced rum, Monkey 47, Monkey Shoulder and Tanglin Gin. 

From 5 - 21 May: SGCF City Takeover The City Takeover will occur over the course of three weeks, running concurrently with the SGCF Festival Village for the first week. 45 of Singapore's bars will continue to offer unique festival-special cocktails at their respective venues. These cocktails have been designed to the theme of "Shaking Up New Possibilities", and will represent each bar's vision for the future of the cocktail industry. 

How much are tickets and what do they get me?

You can purchase either a one day pass or a three day pass to the Singapore Cocktail Festival, with an option to add on an 4-shot artisanal tasting card which will allow you to sample four artisanal spirits during the Festival Village. 

Early bird pricing is now available til 31st March. For the 1 day pass, early bird pricing is $40, versus the standard price of $45 and door price of $50. For the 3 day pass, early bird pricing is $55, versus the standard price of $70. The early bird pricing for the artisanal tasting card is $12, versus standard price of $15 and door pricing of $18. 

Each day pass (whether one-day or three day) entitles you to:

  • One complimentary welcome drink which you can redeem at any booth at the Festival village. Any additional cocktails you want to try will retail at $15 nett.
  • A City Takeover wristband, which will allow you to enjoy a special SGCF Signature Cocktail at $18 (excluding GST, versus the standard price of $25 excluding GST) at participating bars. 

Where can I buy tickets?

Early bird tickets can be purchased here until 31st March 2022. Thereafter, standard prices apply.

Participating Singapore bars

(Confirmed as of 1st March 2023)

  • Alleybar
  • Analogue
  • Atlas
  • Cafe Tailor Made
  • Cool Cats
  • Employees Only Singapore
  • Fish Pool
  • Flow Bar
  • Gibson Bar
  • Ginger.Lily (Hilton)
  • GOHO Kaiseki & Bar
  • Hopscotch
  • Jekyll & Hyde
  • Jigger & Pony
  • Jungle Ballroom
  • Junior The Pocket Bar
  • Last Word
  • Live Twice
  • Low Tide
  • Madame Fan
  • Manhattan
  • Native
  • Night Hawk
  • No Sleep Club
  • Nutmeg & Clove
  • Origin Bar
  • Papa Doble Singapore
  • Republic Bar
  • Sago House
  • Set of Six
  • Smoke & Mirrors
  • Stay Gold Flamingo
  • Taylor Adam
  • Tess Bar & Kitchen
  • The Bar at 15 Stamford
  • The Elephant Room
  • Tippling Club
  • Writer’s Bar