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Worth A Shot: Native Bar Review


Perhaps one of the most creative and artistic bars we have ever been to; we had the most adventurous and experimental experience tasting cocktails here!

The simplicity of the bar’s ambience and furniture truly does not prepare one for how complex and intricate their cocktails are. Every cocktail here is eco-friendly and infused with regional flavours and ingredients. Being Indian’s ourselves, we were thrilled to see flavours such as turmeric and coconut being incorporated so seamlessly into cocktails.

Besides constructing unique flavour profiles, the presentation of every cocktail here is so incredibly artistic and well-thought out!

Lastly, the service here was so unforgettable; we were welcomed with shots of sparkling saké that appeared to mimic the appearance of fish in a pond. The staff also deconstructed the flavours of every drink we ordered whilst explaining the background and inspiration behind our cocktail of choice, and offered us some complimentary in-house wine containing green tea and pineapple before we ended off the night! Definitely one of the best bars we have around here in Singapore.

Here’s what we ordered:

🥂Ants: Lemongrass Gin, Ants Distillate, Coconut Yoghurt, Calamansi, Basil.

Never did I see myself trying ants, and never did I imagine myself thinking about how surprisingly flavourful ants can be. Definitely the most experimental cocktail I have tried till date and one that was so well balanced. The flavours were reminiscent of Thai cuisine and the famous Indian drink, Lassi. The jelly on top of the drink prevented the lemongrass and coconut flavours from being too overpowering (P.S. - The glass is supposed to represent an anthill which I thought was a masterpiece)

🥂Achaar: Ginger Flower Gin, Pineapple, Calamansi, Cucumbers, Chilli.

Achaar, the hindi word for pickle is a homage to the citrus Indian flavours that are traditionally incorporated into making pickle. It had 2 district textures - the top layer being a vegan foaming agent that mimics the taste of egg white, later giving way to a smooth and mildly spicy mix.

This bar review was originally published here on 22nd March, 2023.



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